Friday, 3 June 2016

Sir Shina Peters allegedly Takes New Wife, While first Wife Sammie Battles Cancer

New reports claim afro juju maestro Sir Shina Peters, father of music director Clarence Peters,  has left his wife Sammie Peters. The veteran musician is said to have taken a new wife, Olajumoke Olayinka Peters.
According to Capital NG, Sammie who recently returned to Nigeria following a battle with cancer is heartbroken.
They reported:
Sammie is particularly heartbroken that Shina would desert her just when she started recuperating from a devastating bout of terminal cancer. When Sammie was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease, not a few people thought Shina’s world would crumble and crash upon him. This is because his pain and fear was visible for all to see.
Shina made it seem like his life would be over if he lost his wife to cancer. Although the disease almost claimed Sammie’s life last year, Shina stood by her, professing his undying love for her while assuring her that she would survive. He even dedicated a song to her during the 70th birthday celebration of his colleague, Emperor Wale Olateju, where he sang “Sammy ko ni ku o’ which means, ‘Sammy will not die.’
 Eventually, Sammie beat the disease but soon after she returned to Nigeria following her successful treatment of the disease abroad, Shina deserted her. The Afrojuju maestro has abandoned the woman to whom he professed undying love for his new heartthrob, Olajumoke, who he attends social functions with. We saw them at Demola Oniru’s birthday some days ago.
Sammie on the other hand, is not happy about her husband betrayal as it is barely six months since she got back from America where she received her treatment. She has however, been left to lament her fate in silence.
They further added:
“Sources told us that the musician has been moving from one party to another party, painting the town red with his new wife.
They were spotted at Demola Oniru’s birthday party recently whispering sweet nonsense into each other ears. Meanwhile, the musician has abandoned his wife who had gone through thick and thin with him and battling cancer. Family members of Sammie are so bitter with the musician.”
On January 7, Sammie returned to the country four days before her 56th birthday after undergoing almost two years of cancer treatment in the United States.
The couple are yet to confirm or deny the story.

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