Monday, 6 April 2015

Nick Cannon is dead broke

Agedly going on between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's marriage/divorce, they claim the actor and TV personality is dead broke. Read below...
Nick is broker than a joke. He has some income from his multiple gigs, but he spends so damn much, it doesn't really matter. A lot of the flossing he does is because of brands lending him sh*t, or him taking out loans.
The divorce he wanted is not going his way, and he has considered trying to get back with Mariah more than once. She won't play ball, though. There was a moment last year, when she was sad and vulnerable, that she wanted to get back with him, and he laughed in her face.
As you might have guessed, he is behind a lot of the negative and questionable Mariah stories. The stories about him trying to get her coins are real, but Mariah is not going to cave. She figures that the past year has been humiliating enough, so she doesn't care if he leaks sh*t about her. If she ignored that first book about her, then she'll ignore his sh*t.

My friend can't confirm whether or not the rumor of Nick having a book deal about his marriage is true, but she doubts it. His divorce agreement prevents him from talking, and if he writes and releases a book, Mariah will get quite a bit of the money he makes from it. It's not worth it.
He's still smashing Amber, along with 50-eleven other chicks. Jessica White is only f*cking with him because of the attention she gets. She knows he's a loser, and will drop him once she finds something better. Howard Stern can. not. stand. Nick. They have to be kept apart on the set of Americas Got Telent, and are only friendly in front of the cameras and other people.
Nick was good for talking sh*t about Mariah for Howard's show while they were married, because Howard is messy and loves bringing people down, but now that they've split, he's lost his value to Howard. Speaking of America's Got Talent, Mariah got him that gig. She also got him that radio show he once had, along with the reboot of his MTV Wild N'Out show. She spent quite a bit of her celebrity capital to boost him after they got married, and he just used her up.
She's done. and he will be done without her help.
The kids are best with Merriah. Say what you want about her, but she is a devoted mother, and dotes on them a lot. To Nick's credit, he sees them on a consistent basis.

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