Thursday, 11 December 2014

Exclusive: Up,Close and Personal with Lita Rozay. SA hottest and sexiest Model/ Entrepreneur.

Lita Rozay is an IT Consultant/ Business woman, fashion designer (Men's tailor made suits) and a photographic model. She prefers to be called Lita/ Lita Rozay. She was born in Eastern Cape- with 3 siblings, 2 surviving. She's the last child in the family. Graduated from University of Transkei- now called WSU with BSC Computer Science Degree.
In my own words i would prefer to describe her as AN AFRICAN QUEEN WITH GENEROUS CURVES, A QUEEN WITH 4 B's BRAINS BEAUTY, BEST BODY AND BALANCE. LITA ROZAY IS A SUCCESSFUL AND HOT PROPERTY IN THE I.T AND ADVERT MODEL BUSINESS, A FASHION DESIGNER AND A BOOTYLICIOUS MODEL... Below is her super curve pix, somthing to die for. This would surely give Kim Kardashian a run for her money....view pics,and her contact below (strictly business):

Oh my gossshhh....! this is really one of a kind. Naturally endowed, a complete woman i would

Up Close & Personal with Lita:

XG: Describe your Style/Image in one Line?

LITA: Classy and sophisticated

XG: Favorite, Clothing Label, Favorite Shoe label & Favorite Perfume? 

LITA: My Fashion Label – Rayo de Sol, Christian Louboutin, YSL

XG: Favorite Hairstyle and why? 

LITA: I like Corn rows better- they are clean, they show my defined face features

XG: Do you have a Formal OR Informal Personality? 
LITA: I easily acclimatize- You can take me to the President’s office (White House) and to a Shisanyama in Tembisa I will fit in.

XG: What do you Enjoy Most about the Work you are doing?
LITA: It’s dynamic. Meeting new faces all the time and touching souls. I have realized that most people are broken and lonely in the corporate world. They feel comfortable to talk to me, by doing so they heal.

XG: Who can we match your personality with? Are you a Barbara Streisand OR a Madonna? Beyonce OR a Kelly Roland? A Christina Aguilera OR a Nora Jones, A Khadja Nin OR an Angelique Kidjo, A Brenda Fassie OR a Lira? You may support your answer if you wish to?
LITA: Kelly Roland perhaps

XG: Are you living your Dream OR still working towards it, please elaborate? 
LITA: I have attained some of my personal dreams, there’s a dream I am willing to devote every ounce of energy and every minute of my days to. That will soon be fulfilled and its endless– a dream of inspiring and empowering young and destitute women with locked potential.

XG: What is your definition of a Good Man? 
LITA: A God-fearing man

XG: Do you think Good Men exist OR do you think it is all a myth? 
LITA: They do

XG: Describe your kind of Man in Mind, Body and Spirit?

LITA: I have changed my specification and replaced it with things I cannot tolerate like a disrespectful and egocentric man.

XG: Do Men generally say you are a difficult Woman or do they describe you as every Man’s dream? Please elaborate... 

LITA: they say I am every man’s dream when they get to know me, not all of them can handle me though. Only a confident man survives. I am a LEO.

XG: Most Successful Women seem to somehow care less about getting married and having children, it seems quite fashionable to stay single, do you believe in Love OR do you think it is overrated? 

LITA:  believe in love, I fall deeply

XG: Do you believe in Marriage? Please support your answer 

LITA: Yes, man did not invent Marriage. God instituted marriage.
My parents were married even though they are both late, they left me with a sense of belonging- I was never an orphan.


XG: Favourite Dish? 
LITA: Prawn curry & Rice

XG: Favourite Destination in your Country? 

LITA: Cape Town

XG: Favourite Destination in the World? 

LITA: Italy

XG: Favourite Author? 

LITA: Daniel Coleman

XG: Favourite Movie? 

LITA: Sex and The City

XG: Favourite Quote? 

LITA: A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you'll never go anywhere.

XG: Do you have a Bucket List, if yes, please do share? 

LITA: Can share a of portion of it;
Travel to Miami for few weeks
Do a Management course Or/ An MBA
Build a Fashion Studio
Organize high-tea for friends
Sleep outdoor in a peaceful place and watch stars
Volunteering as a board member
Visit a farm

XG: Thank you miss Lita for sharing your time with us  
LITA: You too, your always welcome.

Contact Lita Rozay via:
SKYPE: Tell-Litaz
INSTAGRAM: litarozaay


  1. Oh my my...never knew ladied could work this hard to maintain a flat tummy oo

  2. xtragist you will never sieze to amaze me...shes really a talent on her own

  3. wow....this is original, omo dat bikini pics na die oo. why she no share her number? baba xtragist u don start this stingy tin again,share her pin and number so we fit talk to her 4 whatsapp

  4. Shes hot! really hot

  5. Sally Micheals__11211 December 2014 at 21:19

    wonderfully endowed...she's gonna do well,depending on the endorsement. The phone thing is totally awesome, never seen

  6. Models with such body are rare. i think this days it's mostly any skinny girl with flat ass comes tops for modeling jobs....perfecto!!

  7. wooowww!!!...can kill for a body like that ooo. Admin u self eeh

  8. lovely....perfect body for a consultant and an entreprenuer. i can listen to a lady like this for a whole day, nonstop

  9. Admin u sure this aint photoshopped? lol i fear this kind waist oo

  10. wow...wish all consultants are like this. deliberately spend my time consulting for any reason. But seriously she's very hot and has this authority in her responses. Kudos.. boss lady

  11. wonderful lady with wonderful body...but i aint so convinced about dem hips and weda real or artificial, i think it makes sense on her. For a consultant,she too hot oo me nogo carry my man go consult her oo! lwkmd

  12. splendidly endowed... she actually is about to be smart, based on the endorsement. The unit matter is totally brilliant, never ever viewed like.. lol. healthy tested recipes

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