Tuesday, 25 November 2014

5 Reasons Why Reality TV Kills People

Since 2005, more than 14 reality TV stars have died, and a disturbing number have been suicides. Why is this happening? In a culture that elevates celebrities to demigod status, the appeal of such shows is obvious. With some luck and occasionally some talent, it’s possible to fly high with the stars – a fast-track golden ticket to that moment in the spotlight. All too often, this moment is fleeting, a mere 15 minutes of fame after the cameras stop rolling. Then, normal life resumes. Or does it? Here are five ways that reality TV can harm the lives of former contestants...

1. There Can Only Be One Winner
Most reality TV shows adopt a “winner takes all” format. This means the odds are high that some contestants will feel like they failed when they
don’t win. This can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially for those who narrowly miss out on first place or for those who crash early on,
breaking lifelong ambitions of success or stardom. To avoid a similar fate to certain unfortunate individuals, think twice before taking the plunge into reality TV.


2. Reality TV Attracts Unstable Personalities
 Reality TV thrives on eccentric or larger-than-life individuals. They get great ratings and often create memorable moments within shows. After
a cringe-worthy “American Idol” audition in 2005, Paula Goodspeed took her life with a prescription overdose – right outside the house of judge
Paula Abdul, who Goodspeed had been stalking for years.

3. Loss of Status After Show Finishes
 Celebrity status and media interest often plummets after a show wraps. For some, this loss of fame is hard to accept, and adjusting to regular
life can be impossible once they’ve tasted stardom.


4. Sudden Life Changes
The inability to cope with the stress of new-found celebrity and the abrupt life changes are common issues for reality TV stars and celebrities alike – not everyone takes to the camera like the Kardashians. In many cases, drugs and alcohol are used to cope. A notable example is the death of “Bachelor” finalist, Gia Allemand, who committed suicide. She was dating NBA star Ryan Anderson at the time, and they were both going through relationship difficulties.

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 5. Public Humiliation
Reality TV shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol” thrive just as much on embarrassing auditions and mean judges as they do with
their stars. Many are able to brush off the criticism and move on, but the effects can be worse for some. It can mean a hailstorm of
humiliation and shattered dreams for those with unrealistic views of their talent.

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