Tuesday, 9 September 2014

When 2Face & MTN Project Fame contestants re-defined TV reality Show

With the boundless confidence of the very young and the firmness of the experienced, there seems to be no end to what fun and entertainment MTN can bring, especially when it is Project Fame or Music Plus. So it was on Sunday when the MTN Project Fame contestants produced one of their best performances so far this season and 2face Idibia mounted the stage in a glorious ‘ascension’ to crown a glorious evening. With the combination of superstars and a legend, it does go that you hardly find a stage dedicated to a higher purpose than the reality show and musical academy. Continue...
Whether it was Christian’s rendition of ‘African Queen’, Daniella’s emotionally laden ‘True Love’, Ruky’s ‘See Me’, Geoffrey’s ‘Only Me’ or Ugo’s ‘Implication’, the energy and vocal dexterity put into each performance was incredible. As well, there was sheer grace in Clement, Emeka and Shola’s deliveries and Debbie who seemed to have more work to do. The approval from the judges, however, confirmed the contestants are finally emerging true stars.

When the ‘living legend’ himself took to the stage, he sang with such ease and mastery – such that, for once, music became a piece meal. With every lyric, the audience seemed to leave the shell of their bodies and become as one with Tu Face Idia. It was a great night. One that Flourish, who was eliminated a night earlier, would have missed.

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