Friday, 22 August 2014

Recovering American Ebola Patient is Considering a Return to Africa

Nancy Writebol is a woman with a heart of gold.

The 59-year-old who was released on Tuesday from the Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, after being airlifted to the U.S. from Liberia, has her mind on Africa.

She was the other American, apart from Dr. Kent Brantley, to contract the deadly disease.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show today Friday 22nd August 2014, her sons reveal that and more.

The Writebol sons say their mum is already talking about what she wants to do next, which includes possibly returning to Africa to continue ministering to people.

“She’s still thinking about it,” her son Jeremy told Lauer.

Jeremy added that her parents have deep compassion for those in need, “Africa is still in their heart and the suffering and the people in western Africa is still very deep for them.”

He added that, “She’s tired and trying to rest. There’s still some physical recovery that has to go on there, but her color is good and strong.”

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