Sunday, 12 January 2014

Shocking: As Kenyan ‘corpse’ wakes up in Naivasha mortuary.

It was a Shocking day for the mortuary workers at Naivasha hospital when the corpse identified as Paul Mutora who has already been labelled died was seen to be breathing and his body shaking.

It was latter gathered that Paul Mutora, had earlier tried to kill himself by swallowing insecticide, was pronounced dead on Wednesday night after series of examination.

Speaking with The medical director at the clinic he reported that the drug used to treat him had by chance slowed the heart beat, which supposed must have led to the mistake.

According to the local newspaper, Mr Mutora’s father and other relatives had visited the morgue earlier on Thursday morning to view the corpse and afterwards returned home to commence the necessary funeral arrangements until the shocking resuration news got to them.

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