Saturday, 14 December 2013

An Open Letter to Imo State Governor (Rochas)

Ever Since thrusday last week Banks in Imo State inculding ATM Machines has been shut down by the Government due to the failure to pay the allocated tax by the various Banks. Below is an open letter from an Imo State citizen who would like to remain Anonymous.

Please someone should educate Rochas Okorocha on the implications of Double Taxation on the economy. An economist should educate him on the challenges and renal implications of Banks been on strike. 
A marketer should enlighten him on the effects of Economic strike(banks strike) on the sales, supply, distribution and production of Goods and services.

An economist should also teach him that in taxation, there's economic inputs and derivation. Therefore, a business institution pays tax as a result of inputs or income. When Over charged, it results to inflation and perhaps 'Running or Galloping Inflation'. Well, I wonder why a good administrator can ask one bank to pay N600m as tax. Since the CBN banned You from borrowing again why must you bring a dangerous policy just to 'Make Earns Meet'.

I wonder why a Governor can dash out N500M for Youths to share instead of building factories or companies that will yield dividends for the state and also create Job opportunities.

I wonder why a Governor can dash out 200,000 to 637 communities in Imo as Xmas bonanza and also 45,000 to each CGC official (5 CGC for each community)as Xmas gift when the state is in a chronic stage of economic effete.

I wonder why a Governor can host an Xmas carol that cost him over N100M when our state owned Football Club has not been paid for the past 8Months. Well, Am still thinking Who exactly Rochas is? Is He a Governor or a Looternor? Rochas Okorocha should as a matter of urgency start preparing His Handover Speech because 2015 is not for Him. Our Douglas House is vacant!!!

Hahahaha Every since this bank strike na so people use the oppurtunity dey carry Bank strike take


  1. The person who wrote this letter is a very big fool

  2. Its obvious you are not educated and also the fool here....He who much is given, much is expected.

  3. Good letter. Plz write more

  4. Dat man is somtin else. We r d ppl dat put him dia so we hv d power 2 say we r done wit his service. He who hs no interest. 4 d poor is nt worth 2 b a laeder

  5. Senator Anyanwu pls come and save us. We need a positive change now. Kindly rise to the challenge.