Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Truth Behide HipHop (Diss Game)

The rap game has always been known for its controversial nature but actually that’s what makes it more interesting. Rap artists have always been on the news for one good or bad reason. Coming back home to Nigeria the rap game has definitely taken a huge step over the years and I will not fail to mention some of the pioneers of the rap game in Nigeria, Rugged man, Edris, Mode9 etc. Their names will forever echo in the echelon of the history of the rap industry because they were very instrumental to what we now see now.

Diss has always been part of the rap world, but one interesting thing about it is that we have seen some of them ending up being best of friends and some losing their life in the end. While some have dissed because of women, money or superiority over who is better or has more influence in the industry.

Just recently the rap industry in Nigeria woke up after the young rapper Yung6ix who claimed he is the best rapper in Nigeria and Ever since his bold settlement the internet has been busy with many rejections, It looked as if most of our top guns has been asleep and was only awaken by his statement. We have seen many hard core and soft core punch lines being dished out in form of diss tracks. Many unknown rap artists has relatively stolen the opportunity to gain cheap publicity to at least ensure that when next they put out the track people will care to listen to it.

And then to add more flame to the already raping fire different sites and bloggers started producing their own List of Top and Best Rappers which saw another round of war. Artists who felt they should have been in the List stated making comments and allegations to those that their names appeared.

To be quite candid some artist has done better diss song than the best they have putting in the market before now.

But while all these acts are going on, I urge them not to take this too personal. We are definitely enjoying ourselves and hoping to hear many more diss tracks and their likes. Now I know this article wouldn’t be complete if I do not give my own opinion on who the best rapper in Nigeria and he is……..But I will like to keep you all guessing for now because am still collecting my own data, Statistics on who the best rapper is. Please feel free to diss me because of my view as well, I wouldn’t mind getting some publicity as well. Catch ya, let me listen to exist strategy by Sinzu am so loving the track now

Ayozie Paschal C

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