Monday, 21 January 2019

Netflix Buys Genevieve Nnaji’s movie ‘Lionheart’ At TIFF

Genevieve Nnaji wins again! She continues to raise the bar on how to be an iconic actress.

Recently, Netflix announced that it has bought worldwide rights to ‘Lionheart’ and according to them, this will be the first Netflix original film from Nigeria.

The movie with the exciting storyline features iconic stars like Pete Edochie, Onyeka Onwenu, and Kanayo O. Kanayo, Nkem Owoh. It is a definite must watch.

Download: Lion Heart Genevieve Nnaji Latest Movie 2018 [Full Movie]

Friday, 14 April 2017

"If you were born black and still black at age 18, you will never go far in life". Instagram user claims.

@queenmau1 an Instagram user said this on a post she shared on her page. She posted a photo with the caption.
"If you were born black and still black at age 18, you will never go far in life. I was born black, as in charcoal black, but look at me now, I am lighter than bob risky and more successful. Be like me, be like Bob risky.

Tboss reveals why she exposed her boobs on the show.

Second runner up in the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality show, Tokunbo Ajayi, also known as Tboss has disclosed why she bared her breast while on the show.

Speaking with Beat FM, Tboss revealed that it was part of her to strip naked while taking her bath.

Recall that Tboss had come under intense criticisms by followers of the programme for revealing her breast while on the show.

But clarifying the issue, Tboss said, “The Big Brother house was a place where I was myself. At home I don’t shower with my clothes on.”

She noted that stripping naked had become normal to her because, “Usually, in my house, I just walk around naked.”

Tboss said she never knew that exposing her breasts would cause a lot of drama on social media, adding that it wasn’t until she returned that her father sent her the viral screenshot that earned her so much criticism.
“He actually did a [snapshot]. He just sent me a picture of myself, and I was like, ‘Oh, Lord!”

On why she could not recite the National anthem, Tboss insisted that “I can totally recite the national anthem.

“[But] I was under pressure and tired because the whole day, we [were] in the sun, talking. It was a very emotional day and I was really drained. I had a meltdown and it was very very justified.”

Former President Jonathan's CSO Godwin Obuah dies of heart attack.

Godwin Obuah, former chief security officer to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan is dead. According to TheCable, he died late Thursday at the National Hospital, Abuja, after suffering a massive heart attack.

Obuah was arrested and detained by The Department of State Services (DSS) two months after his principal left power.

To protest his detention, he embarked on hunger strike and fell ill. He was then released after his lawyer raised the alarm over his health condition.

While in service, he was accused of benefiting from an oil bunkering deal, an allegation he denied but the panel which investigated him was dissatisfied with his explanation and he was later dismissed from service.

"The Holy Spirit gave me that name" Toke Makinwa

OAP and bestselling author of On Becoming Toke Makinwa took to her Instagram page yesterday to explain why she chose "On Becoming" as her book title. Read what she wrote below..

Someone asked me why the title "On Becoming". The Holy Spirit gave me that name. I remember thinking of a name for this project and when I got "OnBecoming..." i wasn't quite sure why or what it meant in totality but on a flight to Houston yesterday it hit me, I am a work in progress, no full stop till I'm gone. I am unfinished, incomplete, the story is stil being written, the race is long and God has given me purpose. The last few years of my life hasn't been the easiest but thru it all I have grown, I am becoming. I've heard people say " are you the only one to go thru tough times" and my response remains the same. - what did you do with what you went thru? How did you help someone else grow thru your struggle, the purpose is always bigger than the pain, did you learn all you have to keep it to yourself?
It's ok not to get the vision, it is not for everyone. I feel Empowered, I feel chosen, and again the lord has sent me on another mission. Something big is coming.. #Imusthavemyown #OnBecomingEmpowered #2017mission #onbecomingbytokemakinwa #onbecomingmedatour

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Photos of Efe as he receives his prize

Big Brother Naija winner Efe receives his brand new Kia SUV today at Wheatbaker hotel in Lagos. Congrats to him.

Bobrisky denies having sexual affair with Hushpuppi

Nigerian male Barbie popularly known as Bobrisky shared a video of himself meeting with Hushpuppi through Snapchat. He captioned the picture "@hushpuppi is second bae" this made speculators began to assume that they had sexual affair. Bobrisky in return, has angrily responded to his haters.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

#BBNaija: From a Possible Relationship to CocoIce hating Bisola’s British Accent…Here are 7 Highlights from Day 1

#BBNaija has officially started and we at XtraGist will definitely keep you up to date in case you’re not able to watch it on DStv (Channel 198) or GOtv (Channel 29).
Here are the highlights from the housemates’ first day in the house.
  • Settling In
The housemates entered the big brother house and everyone seemed pretty excited, Uriel being the first and TBoss and Efe the last. Host Ebuka revealed that Big Brother said there will be a twist as there will be no eviction this week rather two new housemates will be joining the house although the housemate have no idea.
Marvis was not really blending in as she had a drink alone in the garden while everyone was inside the house getting to know each other.
  • The first test
Biggie wasted no time in putting the Housemates to the test. TBoss was called into the Diary Room and was given a Task. She was told to get the Housemates into the lounge where she read to them Biggie’s instructions. Biggie explained that fire safety was extremely important and he instructed them to listen for a siren after which they were to gather in the garden and await further instructions.
No sooner had Biggie explained how to use the fire extinguisher, the siren went off and the Housemates dashed to the garden to find that they had to put out a fire in the garden. They rushed outside and between Kemen and ThinTallTony they followed Biggie’s instructions to the letter and the fire was extinguished in no time at all.
The housemates then proceeded inside the House at Biggie’s instructions and once inside they were informed by Biggie that they had passed their first Task and had won points toward their wager. So far, so good, the Housemates showed that they could listen to instructions and act as a team.
  • Flirting
Gifty came out to play as she flirted with the boys and Miyonse was presented with an interesting choice as he was asked who his baby was between Gifty and TBoss.
                                                                 Miyonse & Gifty
                                                           Miyonse & Gifty
TBoss gave Miyonse a hard time, then she asked him to rub lotion on her back. While everyone slept, TBoss and Miyonse stayed up talking and ended up dancing around the house.
So far, Miyonse and Soma seem to be vying for the title of Ladies man, with Gifty and TBoss caught in the middle of this developing love quadrangle.
  • Sabotage
Marvis was called into her Diary room session and was given a difficult secret Task by Biggie. To be fair, Biggie gave her until tomorrow morning’s fitness session to decide whether or not she was going to do what Biggie asked her to do.
With Marvis failing in her secret Task, Biggie passes on the torch to Uriel by giving her a difficult decision. He also gave Gifty, Miyonse and Bally secret tasks.
It took a while for Uriel to understand the instructions as she said “I am dyslexic” and that she had difficulty in understanding the instruction. She was visibly shaken as she felt that Biggie was cross with her. She was not the only one, however, that was given secret instructions by Biggie. During the Diary Sessions of Miyonse and Bally, Biggie told them both that Uriel had been given a secret Task and one had to convince her to do the Task and the other to tell her not to do the Task. Bally was told to do everything in his power to get her to do what Biggie had instructed her to do and Miyonse was told to get her not to do the Task.
Neither of them was told what Uriel’s Task was but that should either of them succeed in convincing Uriel to do or not to do the secret task, they would get a reward.
Not finished with the subterfuge, Biggie also gave Gifty a secret Task to report back to Biggie on any Housemates who were making alliances. He said that he wanted to know what they were talking about if more than two of them were sitting together and talking. His parting words to her were and remember, Gifty, failure is not an option.” This brought Gifty to tears as she took her time in the garden to compose herself, muttering to herself “I can do this.”
It’s only the first day in the House and already Biggie has been sowing the seeds of mistrust in the House by potentially putting each Housemate against the other.
  • Fake Accents
CoCoIce made no secret that she couldn’t stand the sea of fake accents in the House. She thought that Bisola particularly exaggerated her British accent.
  • Uriel’s Birthday
In true Uriel fashion, she asked Biggie for a red velvet cake, vodka, Brazilian hair extension and for the Naija old school tune “Eni pon se, bio bio” to be played on her birthday tomorrow.
  • Head of House
Efe now has the task of leading the House, albeit for a week. With breakfast done, Big Brother assembled all the Housemates in the Arena for the Head of House Task, which saw them aiming to score maximum points by hitting the bull’s eye on a velcro board using soft balls. The aim of the HoH Task was to make the balls stick to the board and it was Efe who reigned supreme.
Biggie hit them with yet another twist; the HoH is expected to wear kingly ornaments, which consist of a beaded crown, two beaded necklaces and carry a lion head staff at all times, especially when addressing his fellow Housemates. To make it even more interesting, Biggie has instructed HoH Efe to keep his kingly ornaments locked away in the King’s Chest and keep the keys safe or risk losing them and his title as HoH.
First HoH
Soma kept his competitive nature tightly wrapped under a sunny and friendly disposition – he admitted wanting to take a shot at the HoH position.
Have you been watching the #BBNaija? Who is your favourite housemate?
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Beauty And The Beast gets a live action remake (photos)

A live action remake of classic children's tale, Beauty And The Beast is set to hit the screen and Disney has been teasing the project by releasing images from the movie to whet the appetite of its fans ahead of its March 17, 2017 release. 26yr old British actress Emma Watson plays the character of Belle, the heroine of the story while the Beast is played by Dan Stevens...


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New Video: BOB G ft Black J & Dexzy - Never B4

Bob G is a rising young exceptional talented singer with excessive vibes also known as the melody master comes up with a new hit titled "Never B4" featuring Dexzy and Black J. The song was produced by Kezyklef. Bet me this song is hot and sensible. He is finally here with his Music video.

The video is hot.
Click on the link below to watch:

To get the video, click  Download
To get the audio, click Download

Another soldier killed, women and children rescued as troops clears Boko Haram terrorists out of Chukungudu Lake Chad fringes

Troops of 7 Division Nigerian Army, Operation Lafiya Dole, led by the General Officer Commanding of the Division, Brigadier General Victor Ezugwu, conducted a decisive clearance operation into the remnants of Boko Haram strategic hub town of Chukungudu on the southern fringes of the Lake Chad Region, northern parts of Borno State between Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November 2016. 
According to a statement signed by Army spokesman, Col. Sani Usman, the maneuvering Brigade led by 3 Battalion of 22 Brigade, successfully cleared Geram, Bulankassa and Chukungudu believed to be the Boko Haram terrorists stronghold in that area. The gallant troops rescued 85 people, comprising of mostly women and children held hostage by insurgents.

Similarly, they neutralized 5 Boko Haram terrorists fighters in a fierce encounter that made several of the terrorists running into the Lake Chad waters. The troops recovered 4 rounds of Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) bombs, 1 Double Barrel Gun, 349 packets containing various rounds of ammunitions, 3 Magazines, a link belt of machine gun ammunition and 1 AK-47 rifle magazine.

During the clearance operations, the troops made spectacular discovery of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) making factory at Geram. In the factory, they found several already primed suicide bombers’ vests. They also discovered a well equipped motor vehicles and motorcycles’ workshop and spare parts where house at Chukungudu village.

The troops recovered 3 vehicles and several newly acquired motorcycles. Unfortunately, a soldier died during the encounter. In line with Rules of Engagement, IED factory, vehicles and motorcycles were destroyed. 

Maid in Manhattan

It tells a story of Marisa Lujan (Litzy) who manages a small-town hotel in Mexico until it is taken over by a drug cartel. She leaves for the United States with her ten year old son, Lalo. After a brief stay in Los Angeles, she moves to Manhattan to work as a maid in a luxurious hotel where she meets Cristobal Parker a successful businessman who falls madly in love with her.

Follow Marisa’s story in this exciting and captivating new series, Maid in Manhattan which premieres on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118 on the 7th of November, 2016 at 3:20pm.

Basketmouth and wife, Elsie, celebrate 6th wedding anniversary

Happy anniversary to them...

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Man gets revenge on his cheating girlfriend by handing her a heart-shaped gift but what’s inside leaves her horrified

A man who claims he caught his girlfriend cheating on him got his revenge on her ‘in the best of ways’. After setting up a hidden camera in his car, the boyfriend gave his lover a present inside a cute heart-shaped box and wrapped in a pink bow. The girlfriend or any other person looking at the gift will think its a box of chocolates, but upon opening the gift the girl was faced with her biggest horror.
After the man gave his girlfriend the gift, he then hugged her and left her in the car to open the gift, as she opened it she was swarmed by cockroaches.
Not nice….. Watch the video after the cut.

Don’t Miss the first Education UK Exhibition in Calabar – Register and Attend!

Over 30 representatives of UK institutions are visiting Calabar this month to give prospective students an opportunity to get an international education. If you live in Calabar and environs, this is your opportunity to discuss your study options, get scholarship information and first-hand guidance on living and studying in the UK.

The exhibition, hosted by the British Council, is the first in South-South Nigeriaand is a platform to interact with representatives from these top UK institutions on tuition fees, courses, scholarships and lots more.

The UK hosts four of the world’s top ten universities, and welcomes over 500,000 international students from over 200 countries every other year, so why should you be left out?It’s time your dream took off!

Take the step by registering to attend the exhibition at

Below are the event details:

Date: Thursday, 22nd September 2016
Venue: Transcorp Hotel, Calabar‎
Time: 11am - 4pm

Admission is FREE but you must register to attend.

For more information, contact

Mariah Carey shares sexy lingerie photos

Having completed her Las Vegas residency over the weekend, songstress Mariah Carey shared these racy photos of herself from her vacation in Greece. In the first photo, Mariah is seen lying back on a white pillow, wearing a red satin bra that features some black lace detailing and a small black bow, paired with fishnet stockings...

Aww! See how Nigerian man proposes to white woman on top Olumo Rock (Photos)

A Nigerian man proposes to his white girlfriend on Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

And of course she said yes!!! More photos below…

Touching Photos: 90-year-old paralysed man dumped alive in graveyard by family

Residents of Mutomo Village in Gatundu, Kiambu County, Kenya were shocked to find a 90-year-old man dumped alive near a graveyard on Monday, September 12th.
Samuel Kibure was dumped near Mutomo graveyard along Gatundu-Mutomo Kenyatta road route where he was discovered by members of the public. According to Kibure, he had been admitted at a Gatundu hospital and later discharged.
He told Citizen Digital that he was taken to his brother’s house at Karembu in Gatundu South on Mondaynight by his son who lives in Nakuru. In the middle of the night, his brother’s sons woke him up, wrapped him in a blanket and took him in their car where they dumped him near the graveyard at about 2pm.
Kibure narrated how he had sold his land and property, leaving him homeless, adding that his children later deserted him claiming he had become a burden to them as his legs had been paralysed.
One area resident told Citizen Digital that Kibure had been a prominent businessman and worked for the ministry of Agriculture. The old man later began drinking heavily and sold all his property. Area chief Mutheki Muiri was called to handle the case.

Beautiful new photos of Fani Kayode’s girlfriend Precious and son

Fani Kayode’s girlfriend, former beauty queen Precious Chikwendu, shared these lovely photos with their son Joshua.
Another after the cut…